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  Founded in 1927 on Waterloo Street in Jackson, Michigan by Charles & Mabel Zwick the Automotive Service Company has been serving the areas truck and trailer equipment needs for over 80 years.

 The company was taken over in the 1960's by Charles & Mabel's sons Duane and Roland (Bud) and their son in law Howard Burns. The 1990's saw the company move to our present facility at 603 E. Washington Avenue in Jackson and ownership pass to the next generation when Duane's sons Ron & Craig took over operations.

 From the earliest dump trucks manufactured to today's high tech computerized municipal snow and ice removal systems Automotive Service has been selling, installing, and servicing truck & trailer equipment of all types for 81 years. Thanks for visiting our website and please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Automotive Service Company
603 E. Washington Avenue, Jackson, MI 49203
517-784-6131 fax: 517-784-0601
TOLL FREE IN MI: 1-888-784-6131
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